Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Norse Gods

...are by far, the most rugged and robust badasses of all mythological deities. The Greek gods, by comparison were a bit lite in the winged loafers.
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This is Thor, god of thunder, son of Odin, the Allfather...or zeh Allfazzuh, if you're German, representing Doitchland. Here is a cool tidbit about Odin that my friend Aaron forwarded to me:
  • Odin

  • and that led me to these:
  • Thor

  • Mjollnir

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    An old white board drawing progression drawn at work.


    &Rew said...

    ¿how ill is that?



    Tikigeo said...

    I have been suspected of illness, yes. I just want to know how you made the upside down question mark!